Brewery Pumps

Brewery Pumps

Brewery pumps centrifugal stainless steel
Brewery pumps centrifugal stainless steel
Stainless Steel 316 Open Impeller Brewery Pumps

BestPump works with many brewery customers around the UK to supply various brewery pumps for diverse pumping applications.

Probably the most common pump type in brewery sites is the centrifugal pump which comes in various configurations including process, CIP, self-priming etc..

In a perfect world, a brewery pump would be of an hygienic design and constructed from hygienic 316 stainless steel. The impeller would be open or semi-open to help prevent blocking or clogging typically seen in brewery fluid transfers.

In the real world, however, most brewery pumps are not quite what they ought to be! 

Water Pump as a Brewery Pump?

Typically, small craft beer brewers will buy low cost water pumps that were not really designed to be brewery pumps.

Water pump used as brewery pump

Standard stainless steel water pumps are constructed from 304 stainless steel and use closed impellers which is adequate for handling clean water.

However, when put to work in a brewery where duties are more demanding, the impellers can clog up with mash grains and a clogged impeller kills pump performance through loss of flow.

Other Brewery Pumps

We know from experience that breweries tend to start with centrifugal pumps but as production grows or diversifies, pumps with different capabilities become a requirement. Brewery pumps may need to be self-priming, able to pass solids, offer easier maintenance or self-draining and so the below pump types are also desirable for brewers.

Twin screw pumps

Twin Screw Pumps

Infinite pumping possibilities and capable of both process duties AND cleaning (CIP) duties.

Rotary lobe pumps

Rotary Lobe Pumps

Gentle handling and capable of handling a range of fluid viscosities and solids.

Food grade diaphragm pumps

Diaphragm Pumps

Safe and simple ‘all-rounder’ pumps that offer versatility and easy maintenance.

We’re available to offer friendly, uncomplicated advice on pump selection and pump types so please contact us here or call +44 (0)1236 433799.