Butter Packaging Equipment

Packaging Equipment

Processing & Packing Machinery for Butter, Margarine, Spreads, Cheese, Curds, Ice-Cream.

Reliable & cost-effective packaging machinery for butter, margarine, other edible fats, processed cheese, yoghurt, dairy spreads, ice-cream and curds. These are the solutions you need to convert bulk products into commercial portions.

Brick shape product packaging

Butter packaging machinery for the production & wrapping of butter blocks in aluminium foil or parchment paper.

Pot & tub packaging

Cups, pots or tubs are convenient and easy to handle so ideal for eating on the go – our filling & sealing machines make it happen!

Flow pack packaging

Flow-pack packaging of dairy products provides an attractive, glossy, neatly shaped and sealed end product.

Carton packaging

Carton cases for keeping butter or margarine products in shape while reducing risk of damage during transportation.

Butter Packaging Equipment

Since 1959, AB FASA has been manufacturing dairy and butter packaging equipment and BestPump Ltd is the sole UK & Ireland representative. FASA specialises in the engineering and production of packaging equipment for the dairy industry including butter, margarine, fresh cheese, spreads, processed cheese, yoghurt, ice-cream etc.

With a focus on small-to-medium sized business customers and their production capacity requirements, FASA aims to provide reasonably priced and reliable machinery that is comparable to that of other ‘premium’ brands.

The robust and reliable machinery supplied by FASA is in use by clients such as Nestle, Lactalis, IFFCO, Bel Group and other global brands. There are over 8,000 FASA butter filling and wrapping machines in use worldwide!

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Butter packaging equipment

Butter Packaging Equipment

Fasa ARM butter packing machine

ARM Filling & Wrapping Machine 

Fill & wrap butter & margarine in foil or parchment

The ARM is designed to fill and wrap butter, margarine and other edible fats in aluminium foil or parchment paper.

There are two product feeding options:

1. Hopper with augers
2. Direct feeding from processing line

Dimensions: 1730mm (L) x 2300mm (W) x 2030mm (H)
Dosing range: 9g – 1000g 
Maximum output: 80 packs per minute

Filling & Wrapping Machinery

Fasa ARM butter packing machine


Butter Filling & Wrapping Machine

20 to 80 bricks per minute
Dose sizes of 9 to 1000g

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Fasa ARM-B2 butter packing machine


Butter Filling & Wrapping Machine

Up to 70 bricks per minute
Dose sizes of 100 to 250g

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Fasa AR2T curd filling wrapping machine


Curd Filling & Wrapping Machine

Up to 70 bricks per minute
Dose sizes of 100 to 250g

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