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Food processing pumps

Food Processing Pumps

Food processing pumps – types of pump used in food industry The food industry uses an array of food processing pumps and types for a huge and demanding range of production tasks. When you consider how food ingredients can vary in texture, consistency and viscosity not to mention how temperature can further change these attributes,…
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Pump and process equipment

Pump and Process Equipment

2020 was a tough year for many companies and we were able to operate continuously as we supplied and supported essential pump and process equipment for our clients in the food, pharma and other key manufacturing industries.

BestPump Merry Christmas 2020

BestPump Opening Hours & Christmas Holidays 2020

What are the BestPump opening hours this Christmas? From now until Wednesday 23rd December, we operate on our normal opening hours (7:30am until 5pm Monday to Friday). The BestPump offices will close at 2pm on Thursday 24th December 2020 and will re-open at 7:30am on Tuesday the 5th of January 2021. We remain available for…
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Low shear, high viscosity pumps

Circumferential Piston Pumps and BestPump

In 1995, some former employees of Waukesha Cherry Burrell formed the Wrightech Corporation to manufacture spare parts for the Waukesha Universal U1 & U2 circumferential piston pumps. Later in 2002, following the success of the new spare parts business, and with the new name of Wright Pump, their first TRA10 circumferential piston pump was manufactured…
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Double mechanical seal failure

Double Mechanical Seal Failure

Double Mechanical Seal Failure This is an example of double mechanical seal failure that can happen when a double mechanical seal is not flushed consistently. The Wright Flow Technologies TRA10 0300 circumferential piston pump is located outside the plant and transfers Glucose into many production lines. The pump has a double mechanical seal with Silicone…
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Pump polyethylene glycol PEG

Pump Polyethylene Glycol PEG

A very basic and quickly arranged trial with PEG heated to around 95°C and then gravity fed via a stainless steel hopper into the inlet of a manually heated pump at around 82°C.

Twin Screw Pump

Twin Screw Pumps

A twin screw pump from the HYGHSPIN series is the perfect solution for many applications Innovative design and construction, hygienic design, high efficiency,optimal MTTR ratio and much more make HYGHSPIN the perfect solution.The HYGHSPIN pump series from Jung Process Systems made of high quality stainless steel have proven themselves worldwide and they can be utilised…
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Pump screw feeder for butter blocks

Pump Screw Feeder

Brewery pumps centrifugal stainless steel

Brewery Pumps

BestPump works with many brewery customers around the UK to supply various brewery pumps for diverse pumping applications. Probably the most common pump type in brewery sites is the centrifugal pump which comes in various configurations including process, CIP, self-priming etc.. In a perfect world, a brewery pump would be of an hygienic design and…
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Mashed up garlic after the pump

Pumping Garlic Cloves

Here at BestPump, we typically get asked to handle our customer’s products carefully i.e. jam makers want to keep their raspberries in one piece or seafood suppliers need to ensure the wholetail scampi remains 95% intact – these are common requests for us. Less common, however, was this enquiry where the customer needed a stainless…
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