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How do circumferential piston pumps work?

Who makes Waukesha pumps?

Having been used since the 1950s in hygienic manufacturing industries like food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care as well as in some heavy duty industrial applications, the Waukesha external circumferential piston pump is a good example of a positive displacement rotary pump but who makes Waukesha pumps? There are a few pump manufacturers that have developed…
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We don't supply Waukesha Pumps

Waukesha Pumps

BestPump is not an official Waukesha Pumps distributor but we specialise in the repair, rebuild and replacement of these circumferential piston pumps.

Wright and Waukesha Pump Parts

Waukesha Pumps Repairs

Waukesha pumps repairs can be handled expertly, rapidly and regularly by BestPump’s experienced circumferential piston pump engineers. For users of Waukesha pumps with either the Universal I (U1) series or Universal II (U2), series of pumps, we offer a speedy collect, report, repair and return service. With our UK spare parts stock of genuine Wright…
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Wright Flow Technologies Revolution pump with limpet heating jacket

Wright Flow Technologies Revolution Circumferential Piston Pump with Electric Limpet Heater

This Circumferential Piston Pump from the Wright Flow Technologies’ Revolution series is fitted with a ‘Limpet’ electrical heating element and will soon be installed alongside similar pumps on-site. Our Pharmaceutical client chose to break from the standard bolt-on water jacketed heating options for the front cover and/or rotor case and preferred to heat the pump…
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Wright and Waukesha Pump Parts

Parts for Wright Pump TRA10 0450, 0600, 0640, 1300, 1340 & Waukesha Pump U1 060, 064, 130 & 134

Find the spares and parts you need for your Wright Pump TRA10 circumferential piston pumps from Wright Flow Technologies. These parts are interchangeable with their Universal I – U1 – Waukesha Pump equivalent models. Parts for Wright Pump TRA10 Frame 4 Item Description Part Number Reference Quantity per Pump Notes 1 Capscrew, Gear Case Cover,…
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Double mechanical seal failure

Double Mechanical Seal Failure

Double Mechanical Seal Failure This is an example of double mechanical seal failure that can happen when a double mechanical seal is not flushed consistently. The Wright Flow Technologies TRA10 0300 circumferential piston pump is located outside the plant and transfers Glucose into many production lines. The pump has a double mechanical seal with Silicone…
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TRA10 Piston Pump

TRA10 Circumferential Piston Pumps

The TRA10 series of circumferential piston pumps from Wright Flow Technologies features robust, hygienic pump sizes from 1 inch to 6 inch.