Double Mechanical Seal Failure

Double Mechanical Seal Failure

Double mechanical seal failure

Double Mechanical Seal Failure

This is an example of double mechanical seal failure that can happen when a double mechanical seal is not flushed consistently.

The Wright Flow Technologies TRA10 0300 circumferential piston pump is located outside the plant and transfers Glucose into many production lines.

Circumferential piston pump stainless steel
Circumferential Piston Pump

The pump has a double mechanical seal with Silicone Carbide faces and Carbon outer is properly flushed under normal circumstances but at some point, the flush medium supply has stopped – possibly because of an oversight on the maintenance of the levels inside the seal support system.

Without the flush, the carbon outer has been dry-running and overheating and then failed.

The inner seal faces have stuck together with glucose and a high viscosity start has shattered the seal faces. The black product is burnt glucose and the dark material in the top right-hand quarter of the photo is the charred remains of the Silicone Carbide seat.

Take care of your seal flush systems, folks!

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