Flexible Impeller Pumps

Flexible impeller pumps are positive displacement pumps. The rotor with flexible vanes is mounted concentrically in a circular housing which has a flattened area at one side. This provides the eccentric path for the impeller, thereby squeezing the flexible blades on this side.

How does a flexible impeller pump work?

1. Suction

The impeller rotation and the straightening of the vanes upon leaving the cam creates a vacuum on the suction side drawing the fluid into the pump chamber.

2. Transfer

The rotating impeller transfers the liquid from the inlet to the outlet port of the pump.

3. Press

On the pressure side the impeller vanes are compressed and the fluid is discharged constantly from the pump.

Advantages of a flexible impeller pump

Dry self priming pump

A major benefit of Flexible Impeller pumps is that they are dry self-priming pumps. This means that they do not need to be filled prior to operation and are able to 'lift' or 'suck' liquids from a depth of three metres. Pre-filling is required for a suction depth of three metres and more. The suction depth is a maximum of 7 metres.

Flexible Impeller Pump

Flexible Impeller Pump

High capacity

Depending on type and model our pumps are capable of transferring from between 3 litres up to 730 litres per minute. Tanks will be drained down to the last drop.


Useful for many different fluids and applications. Materials of impellers, seals and pump housings can be selected according to the individual needs and applications required. Our Flexible Impeller Pumps are available with AC and DC motors with various revolutions per minute.


Fluids are transferred absolutely free of pulsation. Smaller amounts of air or other gaseous fluids can be handled on the suction side.


All pumps are tested for continuous operation in the manufacturer's workshop. Top quality materials guarantee long durability.

Easy pumps to maintain

For cleaning and maintenance work, the pumps are quickly and easily dis-assembled. Replacement parts can be ordered individually. Low operatiing costs!


Flexible Impeller pumps will readily pump fluids with a wide range of viscosities, even viscous liquids such as oil or honey as well as liquids containing solids.The approved media temperature is a maximum of 90°C. A short dry-run of up to one minute can be tolerated.

Featured Manufacturers

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Zuwa Flexible Impeller Pumps