Food Grade 1-inch Diaphragm Pump Fluimac Phoenix Food PF120 1-inch AODD

Food Grade 1-inch Diaphragm Pump Fluimac Phoenix Food PF120 1-inch AODD

Fluimac Phoenix Food 1-inch diaphragm pump PF120

For a versatile 1-inch diaphragm pump, look no further than the Fluimac Phoenix Food PF120. This diaphragm pump is a 1-inch food-grade AODD pump that is available with a range of 1-inch or 1½-inch ports (we recommend clamp or DIN 11851 ports for hygienic applications. As with all the Fluimac Phoenix Food range, the PF120 diaphragm pump is constructed from FDA-compliant materials namely 316 stainless-steel and PTFE.

This pump can be used on a wide range of transfer duties on low and high viscosity fluids up to 120 litres per minute. With its conventional easy to strip-clean design, the Fluimac Phoenix Food PF120 is ideally sized to perform many light and challenging duties while being simple to operate.

PF120 Electro-polished AISI 316 Stainless-Steel Diaphragm Pump

PF120 Technical Information

Fluid Connections1½-inch Triclamp, 1-inch BSP & other options
Air Connections3/8-inch BSP
Maximum Flow Rate170 litres per minute
Maximum Air Pressure8 bar
Maximum Delivery Head80 metres
Maximum Dry Suction Lift5 metres
Maximum Wet Suction Lift9.8 metres
Maximum Solids Passage Size4 mm
Noise Level72 db
Maximum Viscosity25,000 centipoise
Displacement per Stroke*200 cc/ml
Net Weight9.6 kg
Temperature Range-20°C to +95°C
ATEXEX II 3/3 GD IIB T 135°C (Zone 2 as standard)
EX II 2/2 GD C IIB T 135°C (Zone 1 available)

* Displacement per stroke may vary based on suction conditions, discharge head, air pressure and fluid type.

PF120 Performance Curve

The curves and performance values refer to pumps with submerged suction
and free delivery outlet, with water at 20°C. These data may vary according to
the construction materials and hydraulic conditions.

PF120 Dimensions

PF120 Configuration Options