Gear Pumps

Gear pumps

Gear Pumps are positive displacement pumps that use the meshing of internal and/or external gears to transfer fluids smoothly without a pulsing flow.

With a wide range of viscosity and temperature capabilities, gear pumps excel in high efficiency pumping of thick liquids and are commonly used for accurate dosing and metering duties.

Typical applications include oil, syrup, resin, glycol, chocolate and similar.

How do gear pumps work?

Gear pumps use the meshing of gears to displace fluids. As the gears rotate, they separate at the pump inlet to create a void and suction which is filled with the fluid to be pumped. The gears rotate and carry the fluid to the outlet / discharge of the pump where the fluid is displaced as the gears mesh.

The gears and pump casing are designed to allow for very high pressures and the ability to pump thick, viscous fluids.

Gear pumps are suitable for pumping syrup

Food Grade Applications for Gear Pumps

• Chocolates
• Sugars & syrups
• Fats
• Oils
• Molasses
• Pet Foods

Industrial gear pump

Industrial Applications for Gear Pumps

• Petrochemical – Bitumen, Pitch, Diesel Oil, Crude Oil
• Chemicals – Acid, Plastic, Mixed Chemicals
• Paint and Ink
• Resin and Adhesives
• Pulp and Paper

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