Twin Screw Pumps

Food Grade Twin Screw Pumps – EHEDG, 3-A & CIP

Food Grade Twin Screw pumps are hygienic positive displacement pumps which operate on the same proven twin screw pumping principle that was pioneered in the oil and gas industry over a century ago.

Today, twin screw pumps have revolutionised the hygienic manufacturing industries for a number of reasons which are detailed below…

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Food grade twin screw pump
EHEDG & 3-A CIP Twin Screw Pump

Benefits of Food Grade Twin Screw Pumps


Gentle, smooth pumping action, without pulsing, that protects fluids & solids


Extremely wear-resistant and the screws are never in contact with each other


Capable of handling a wide range of speeds, viscosities & pressures – infinite pump applications


Twin Screw pumps can perform BOTH your process duty AND your Clean-In-Place (CIP) duties

Twin screw pump flow diagram

How do twin screw pumps work?

When the non-contacting twin screws rotate within the pump head, fluid is pumped in an axial or ‘straight-line’ movement, being carried along within the gaps or chambers within the screws. This axial movement results in a low-turbulence, low-shear pumping action and the fluid discharge is constant and pulsation-free (laminar flow). 

In other rotary pumps, the fluid is transported circumferentially around the pump body via rotating impellers, lobes or rotors but inside a twin screw pump, the fluid is pumped axially, straight along the length of the twin screws. 

This makes the twin screw pump ideal for transferring slurries, soft solids, shear-sensitive fluids and/or liquids that could be altered or damaged by vigorous handling.

Q Pumps



BestPump Ltd is proud to be the exclusive UK distributor of this world-leading range of hygienic pumps.

In the crowded hygienic positive displacement pump marketplace, Q-pumps is set apart as a manufacturer that knows the importance of the highest hygienic standards AND the importance of sensible, competitive pricing. For setting the trend in innovative pump technology and engineering, there is simply no alternative to the QTS pumps from Q-Pumps.



Low-shear process pumping PLUS CIP from a single pump

The QTS pump range from Q-Pumps is the standard pump model. This tried-and-tested pump range is constructed from high quality stainless-steel and meets global hygienic design and cleanliness standards including EHEDG & 3-A.

This range is capable of pumping virtually any fluid or slurry. Whatever fluid you are transferring, be it, low viscosity ‘watery’ fluids, high viscosity fluids, fluids with lumps, fibrous fluids or fluids with entrained gas – the QTS pumps are suitable for transferring fluids of all consistencies.

The QTS range is available in six models QTS-25, QTS-100, QTS-200, QTS-300, QTS-350 & QTS-400. The maximum flow rate is approximately 3.2 m³ per minute (CIP), the delivery pressure can be up to 25 bar and viscosity up to 1,000,000 centiPoise (cPs).


The large-inlet twin screw pump for non-flowing, high viscosity products

Q-Pumps offers the widest range of possible options for rectangular inlets so you have the choice of the twin screw pump configuration that suits your production processes best.

Ideal for pasty products like meats & doughs.
High viscosity handling from 100,000 to 1,000,000 centiPoise (cPs)
Ideal for products with high air or gas content
Perfect for vacuum applications with high & low viscosity products
Ideal for low NPSH applications
CIP capacity

QDU Pump Drum Unloader

Pulsation-free, low energy, Clean-In-Place Drum Pump Solution 

The QDU is a drum unloader system that is fully designed around an integrated QTS Pump driven by an electric motor to allow savings in energy consumption.

Safe and efficient handling of high viscosity products up to 1,000,000 cPs and allowing flows up to 227 litres per minute depending on the viscosity.

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Why Choose QTS Twin Screw Pumps?

The QTS range of food grade twin screw pumps has taken the global hygienic manufacturing industries by storm due to their EHEDG sanitary design and competitive pricing. Trust Q-Pumps’ QTS for its versatility, flexibility, high performance, high hygiene levels, maintenance-friendly design and operational cost-savings.

Remember! These positive displacement pumps can perform BOTH the process duty AND the Clean-In-Place (CIP) duty – no need for an additional cleaning pump!

QTS twin screw pump specification

The Q-Pumps QTS-25 is the world’s smallest hygienic twin screw pump and is ideal for dosing & metering duties,