Water Booster Pumps

Cold Water Booster Pump Sets

When your mains water supply has inadequate pressure to service the demands of your building(s), installing a water booster set will give you the pressure and volume of water supply you need. Water booster sets are required in large residential buildings and most large commercial buildings like factories, industrial units, offices, hospitals etc.

Nowadays, there are increasing numbers of smaller residential properties that suffer from low pressure mains water supply so a small water booster pump or water boooster set can be installed – even in the smallest of spaces.

Should you need advice and assistance in solving your low water pressure challenges, give BestPump a call on +44 (0)1236 433799 and our specialists would be delighted to help.

Cat 5 Booster Set

The CAT 5 booster set also known as backflow prevention booster sets incorporate a 68 litre polypropylene break tank complete with a raised ball valve chamber with an AB air gap to WRAS approved regulations.

The CAT 5 booster set is designed to monitor the system pressure. As the demand increases the pressure will fall and the pump will start to run until the demand has stopped and the pressure increases.

E-Series Booster Set

Single, Twin & Three pump Constant pressure cold water booster sets are designed to increase the pressure of the water services within a building where the existing feed tank or incoming mains are not capable of supplying suitable system pressure.

Incorporating E-SERIES inverter driven variable speed pumps, which continually vary the motor speed to match the changing demand, whilst maintaining a default minimum system pressure.

Our multiple pump booster sets are arranged for operation as duty pump, with assist or standby pumps. All are programmed to run in a staged cascade operation as the flow demand increases and similarly as demand decreases.

Three Pump Booster Set complete with Tank

BestPump not only supply single, twin and triple pump booster sets but can also offer units complete with break tanks and frame work. We build all our sets in the UK.

Our tanks can be mounted above the booster set this allows a space saving option particularly good in small plant room were space is at a premium.

WRAS approved tanks with Raised ball valve chamber

Our tanks are manufactured to BS 13280:2001 standard using high quality glass reinforced polyester (GRP) resins.

MARB Booster Set

Our variable speed booster range offers a variable flow which maintains a constant pressure.

Designed for commercial applications, i.e schools, colleges, office blocks, nursing homes, apartment buildings etc.

BestPump sets are compact design and quiet running.

Suction and discharge manifolds in stainless steel.

Sets available with optional WRAS approved break tank sized to suit demand.

All our control panels have password protection, soft start function and manual mode for fixed speed emergency supply.

A remote maintenance facility is also available as an option.

Bespoke AGAP Booster Sets

BestPump offers a comprehensive range of bespoke AGAP Booster sets.

All our AGAP units can be built with any specific pump set.

All AGAP tanks are WRAS approved and can be supplied with either AG & AF (Cat 4) or AB (Cat 5) air gap.

All our AGAP sets can be supplied with detachable frame work for easy access & installation.

We can build ‘to specification’ booster sets for reverse osmosis applications with plastic pipework.

Compact Booster Set

Our sub compact booster set range offers a space saving cold water boosting solution for domestic and commercial applications.

We offer a full range of single and twin pump variable speed units available with a single or three phase electrical supply.

The pumps are submerged in water giving minimal noise levels. All our GRP tanks are WRAS approved and are available in type AF & AG (CAT 4) or AB (CAT 5).

Smaller models are designed to fit through a standard door making our sub compact sets ideal for retrofit applications.

Wet Test Facility

All pump booster sets undergo a full electrical & wet test prior to despatch.

All sets have a functionality test and signed off by a senior member of staff.

All duty parameters are entered as per the customer’s specification whilst on test.

We can also carry out a comprehensive booster set repair service where sets can be fully over hauled then rebuilt and tested prior to being returned to site.

All our sets have an identification code to enable us to identify the original specification & build date.

E-Series Inverter

The E-Series is a constant pressure variable speed inverter for single & multiple pump sets, constructed from a techno polymer body suitable for drinking water applications.

The E-Series is characterised by the low pressure losses across the unit which allows flow rate up to 200lpm from each pump.

The inverter is easily accessible and has serviceable components, they come complete with a flow sensor and check valve and can be used in many applications.

The inverter incorporates full protection & alarm for dry running, over temperature & over current.