Food Grade Twin Screw Pumps

Twin Screws

Food Grade Twin Screw pumps are hygienic positive displacement pumps which operate on the twin screw principle pioneered in the oil and gas industry over a century ago.

Today, twin screw pumps are revolutionising the hygienic manufacturing industries for a number of reasons which will be explained below.

How does a Twin Screw Pump Work?

Twin Screw Pump

Axial Flow (reversible)

As the twin screws rotate within the pump head, they create several separate fluid chambers. The fluid trapped within the screws is progressed horizontally through the pump as the twin screws turn. This results in a steady, constant flow with negligible pulsing. Unlike other rotary pumps (where the fluid is transported circumferentially around the pump body via rotating impellers, lobes or rotors), inside a twin screw pump the fluid is pumped axially through and along the length of the twin screws. This axial movement results in a gentle handling of the pumped fluid with little turbulence making the twin screw pump ideal for transferring slurries, soft solids, shear-sensitive fluids and/or liquids that could be altered or damaged by vigorous handling.

Benefits of Food Grade Twin Screw Pumps

  • Increased product quality
    Twin Screw pumps offer gentle and smooth product handling with minimal pulsation
  • Reliability / long lifetime
    Twin Screw pumps are extremely wear-resistant and the screws are never in contact with each other
  • Versatility
    Not only can a Twin Screw pump handle a wide ranges of speeds, viscosities and pressures, it is capable of running BOTH your process AND Clean-In-Place (CIP) duties
Twin Screw Pump

Twin Screw Pump

Food Grade Twin Screw Pumps are Highly Recommended for use in the below industries

  • Beverage and Brewery
  • Dairy
  • Ready meals / Convenience Food
  • Sweets and Chocolate Manufacture
  • Meat and poultry
  • Pet Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical industry

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