Classic+ Rotary Lobe Pump

Johnson Pump Classic+ Rotary Lobe Pumps

The Classic+ combines a proven design with extraordinary features to produce a lobe pump ideally suited for today's demanding applications requiring a traditional lobe pump.

With 316L Stainless Steel product-wetted parts, sanitary design, and low-shear flow, the Classic+ meets the demand for high product quality, reliability, and service. Being of a design proven over many years, the Classic+ offers superior reliability in a wide range of applications.

Designed and manufactured using the latest computer aided design, manufacture, test, and inspection techniques, several innovative Johnson features have been incorporated within the product. These result in the Classic+ range being ideally suited to both continuous and intermittent transfer or process applications, offering a wide range of displacements. Every Classic+ model offers smooth flow, positive self priming pumping action, dry running, and reverse flow ability with low agitation or shear.

Classic+ has the benefit of being universal mounting. The bolt on feet allow the ports to be aligned either horizontally or vertically to suit application requirements. The rotorcase profile and geometry allows for complete self draining of the pump when mounted with the ports in the vertical position.

Classic+ has options for enlarged ports, seals, drives, and jacketing enabling it to interface with a wide variety of process requirements and plant technologies.

Available with a complete range of reliable high quality, mechanical seals, the Classic+ has single, single flushed and double seals with a variety of seal faces to suit all applications. Alternateively, there is a simple front loading 'O' ring seal, ideal for lubricating liquids and where strip cleaning is used.

This new pump replaced the existing Classic Pump in early 2007. For those with existing Classic units, there is continued supply of service as parts used in the new Classic+ are interchangeable with parts used in the original pump.

Technical Specifications

ModelLitres / RevPressurePortMax Speed
CP10/0005/120.04612 Bar25 mm1400 rpm
CP10/0008/080.0838 Bar40 mm1400 rpm
CP10/0011/050.1115 Bar40 mm1400 rpm
CP20/0020/120.20212 Bar40 mm1000 rpm
CP20/0031/070.3137 Bar50 mm1000 rpm
CP30/0069/120.69412 Bar50 mm750 rpm
CP30/0113/071.1257 Bar80 mm750 rpm
CP40/0180/121.80012 Bar80 mm700 rpm
CP40/0250/072.5007 Bar100 mm700 rpm
CP50/0351/123.51412 Bar100 mm650 rpm
CP50/0525/085.2508 Bar150 mm650 rpm
CP50/0525/125.25012 Bar150 mm150 rpm

Typical Applications

  • Food
  • Dairy
  • Beverages
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Personal Care Product