Johnson Pump

Johnson Pump

Johnson Pump Range

UK-based Johnson Pump manufactures the below range of hygienic Rotary Lobe Pumps:

  • AccuLobe - Accurate, low flow pump with easy maintenance (3-A, EHEDG)
  • Classic+ - Versatile, easily maintained hygienic lobe pump (3-A)
  • Concept SQ - Pump for critical hygiene applications (3-A, EHEDG)
  • SteriLobe - Gentle, low-shear pump with in-line cleanability (3-A, EHEDG)
  • Johnson Pump Spares

BestPump is an authorised distributor of Johnson Pump (UK) Limited which operates within the Wright Flow Technologies group of the IDEX Corporation. Johnson Pump specialises in the design and manufacture of Rotary Lobe Pumps for hygienic and industrial applications. With a comprehensive range of pumps to meet the fluid handling needs of the hygienic industries, look no further than the Johnson Pump family.

Johnson Pump's products are used across the process industry in applications as diverse as paper and pulp production to the extremely hygienic end of the pharmaceutical and blood processing industry. Johnson Pump is the only dedicated lobe pump manufacturer to develop five distinct ranges of pumps for different industrial and niche applications.

A combination of the best of traditional engineering and innovative design together with the latest techniques in computer aided design, manufacture, testing and quality control ensure that this entire range of pumps meets today’s stringent demands for high product quality, reliability and affordability.

Johnson Pump manufactures in the United Kingdom where they produce positive displacement rotary lobe pumps for worldwide distribution to the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, confectionery, chemical, petroleum, bio technology and sterile hygiene industries.

BestPump has full access to the Johnson Pump range and can quickly turnaround your orders for pumps and spares.