SteriLobe Rotary Lobe Pump

Johnson Pump SteriLobe Rotary Lobe Pump

The Steri-Lobe pump range sets new standards for Rotary Lobe pumps and offers unique design characteristics making them ideal for hygienic or industrial applications.

Product Features:

  • Easy accessibility to seal area enhances cleaning and CIP capabilities.
  • Generous seal access facilitates simple front loading and removal of seal, even for flushed and double options without stripping the pump.
  • Cover joint profile improves hygienic characteristics and self-draining capabilities.
  • Rugged gearbox construction enables the carrying of radial loads.
  • Stainless gear cover and electro-less nickel plated bearing housing provide clean and corrosion resistant external finish.

Having revolutionised the market and set new standards with the On-line product, Johnson Pump introduce a new generation of lobe pumps to further demonstrate their innovative market leadership. In addition to improving on the features users have come to expect from one of the World’s leading manufacturers, the manufacturer has also incorporated many new and unique developments to increase the performance envelope and functionality of the product.

In all, there are 15 displacements over 8 frame sizes with pressure capabilities to 15 bar to provide the ability to more closely meet specific application requirements.

Both Bi-wing and Multi-Lobe rotors are available with clearances to 150°C making them suitable for all CIP and SIP conditions. As standard, the rotors are manufactured from 316L stainless steel with optional W808 high nickel alloy available. This alloy is especially suited to low viscosity / high pressure applications, or where there is the potential for short term over pressure situations. Closer tolerance stainless steel 316L rotors are also available for low viscosity / high efficiency applications if necessary. (Ultra filtration for example)

SteriLobe offers a new range of front access seals. In all cases the entire seal, whether plain single, single flushed, or double, can be easily withdrawn and replaced from the front, without the need to remove the pump from the line.

The pumps are designed with DIN 24960 L1K seal envelopes allowing proprietary seals to be fitted, particularly useful in applications where a site standard seal supplier is specified. There is also available a simple 'O' ring seal running on a hardened sleeve, ideal for both CIP and strip-clean applications.

As standard, the Steri-Lobe is fitted with a class 1 hygienic mechanical seal. The following constructions are available:

  • Single Mechanical (Standard)
  • Single Mechanical with low pressure flush
  • Double mechanical seal

Seal Faces

  • Silicon Carbide / Carbon (Standard)
  • Silicon Carbide / Silicon Carbide
  • Silicon Carbide / Tungsten Carbide


  • FDA Viton
  • Perfluoroelastomer

The pump conforms to all the relevant EHEDG cleanliness requirements and in the critical area of the mechanical seal, exceeds the design criteria to make the Steri-Lobe one of the cleanest standard construction pumps available.

The standard internal surface finish is 0.6 µRa, 25% better than most other manufacturers which can be further improved by electro-polishing and passivating for those applications where enhanced surface finish is required. The gear case is also stainless steel1, improving cleanliness and corrosion resistance while adding to the aesthetic qualities of the pump. These can be polished to a mirror finish if required.