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How do circumferential piston pumps work?

Who makes Waukesha pumps?

Having been used since the 1950s in hygienic manufacturing industries like food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care as well as in some heavy duty industrial applications, the Waukesha external circumferential piston pump is a good example of a positive displacement rotary pump but who makes Waukesha pumps? There are a few pump manufacturers that have developed…
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Food processing pumps

Food Processing Pumps

Food processing pumps – types of pump used in food industry The food industry uses an array of food processing pumps and types for a huge and demanding range of production tasks. When you consider how food ingredients can vary in texture, consistency and viscosity not to mention how temperature can further change these attributes,…
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Pump and process equipment

Pump and Process Equipment

2020 was a tough year for many companies and we were able to operate continuously as we supplied and supported essential pump and process equipment for our clients in the food, pharma and other key manufacturing industries.

We don't supply Waukesha Pumps

Waukesha Pumps

BestPump is not an official Waukesha Pumps distributor but we specialise in the repair, rebuild and replacement of these circumferential piston pumps.

Wright and Waukesha Pump Parts

Waukesha Pumps Repairs

Waukesha pumps repairs can be handled expertly, rapidly and regularly by BestPump’s experienced circumferential piston pump engineers. For users of Waukesha pumps with either the Universal I (U1) series or Universal II (U2), series of pumps, we offer a speedy collect, report, repair and return service. With our UK spare parts stock of genuine Wright…
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Depa pumps

DEPA Pumps

DEPA Pumps There is a DEPA diaphragm pump for practically every liquid that flows. DEPA air driven diaphragm pumps are available in three different basic constructions: cast metal, solid plastic and highly polished stainless steel (CIP compatible). Special purpose designed models are available for powders, high pressures up to 21 bar and drum pumping of…
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BestPump Merry Christmas 2020

BestPump Opening Hours & Christmas Holidays 2020

What are the BestPump opening hours this Christmas? From now until Wednesday 23rd December, we operate on our normal opening hours (7:30am until 5pm Monday to Friday). The BestPump offices will close at 2pm on Thursday 24th December 2020 and will re-open at 7:30am on Tuesday the 5th of January 2021. We remain available for…
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Low shear, high viscosity pumps

Circumferential Piston Pumps and BestPump

In 1995, some former employees of Waukesha Cherry Burrell formed the Wrightech Corporation to manufacture spare parts for the Waukesha Universal U1 & U2 circumferential piston pumps. Later in 2002, following the success of the new spare parts business, and with the new name of Wright Pump, their first TRA10 circumferential piston pump was manufactured…
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Diaphragm pump on trolley

How to install a diaphragm pump

When you need a versatile, all-rounder pump, the humble air operated diaphragm pump is a top contender but what options are there when it comes to how to install a diaphragm pump? The AODD pump is capable of pumping a range of low viscosity and high viscosity fluids and is a great selection for drum…
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Wright Flow Technologies Revolution pump with limpet heating jacket

Wright Flow Technologies Revolution Circumferential Piston Pump with Electric Limpet Heater

This Circumferential Piston Pump from the Wright Flow Technologies’ Revolution series is fitted with a ‘Limpet’ electrical heating element and will soon be installed alongside similar pumps on-site. Our Pharmaceutical client chose to break from the standard bolt-on water jacketed heating options for the front cover and/or rotor case and preferred to heat the pump…
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