Magnetic Separation

MagTrap – in-line magnetic separation

Trap metal items & fine metallic particles (including work-hardened stainless-steel) as small as 0.0001 inches by installing in-line ‘Magtrap’ rare-earth magnetic separators. Protect your equipment and ensure product purity.

These powerful magnetic line traps are available in more than 30 off-the-shelf models and an unlimited number of custom configurations when manufactured to your specifications.

MagTrap 135 Opening Up
MagTraps for liquids, purees & non-fragile solids
MagTrap 135

MagTrap models 110, 130, 135, 145 & 170 for beverages, batters, chopped foods, custards, fruit or vegetable pulps, jellies, minced meats, sauces, soups, syrups & other products where they are located in front of pumps, screens or mills to protect equipment from damage or in front of fillers to ensure product quality.

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MagTraps for solids, chunky or hard-to-pump products
MagTrap 125

MagTrap models 115, 120 & 125 use an internal ‘baffle’ design typically used when processing fragile solids such as fruit preserves, cooked meats, cottage cheese or sinewy products where they are located in front of pumps, screens or mills to protect equipment from damage or in front of fillers to ensure product quality.

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Magnetic Separation

Magnetic bullet separator


For dry, free-flowing products

Stainless-steel bullet-shaped magnetic separators designed for pneumatic or gravity flow conveying lines where metal trash is best separated from product flow by tapered poles created by a bullet-shaped cartridge.

Magnetic separation duct


For wet or dry products

Stainless-steel ducts designed for mechanical or gravity fed processing systems.
Available in square, rectangular, circular or flat and stepped-plate designs using either 304 or 316 stainless-steel

Magnetic separation plates


For wet or dry products

Plate magnets are designed for use above or below conveyors with powerful rare-earth Neodymium magnets in one to five pole circuit configurations remove and capture metal trash as small as 0.0001 inches

Magnetic separation grates


Magnetic Separation Grates


Grate magnets are designed for mechanical or gravity fed processing systems where metal trash from nuts, bolts, and miscellaneous hardware to stainless-steel fines as small as 0.0001 inches can be captured from product flow by magnetic grids of powerful neodymium rare-earth magnets.

Fabricated to customer specifications using 304 or 316 stainless-steel tubes and frames, magnetic grates can have square, rectangular or circular designs appropriate to the application. Designed to minimise metal bridging and product build-up when installed in barrels, bins, chutes, hoppers or other enclosures.


How do I check the strength of my magnets?

Digital Gaussmeter 

The CESCO GA40 Digital Gaussmeter allows anyone to quickly and accurately measure the magnetic strength of any magnet or magnetic circuit. Our gauss measurement kit includes a digital gaussmeter capable of measuring any permanent magnet field, 48” flexible probe, a package of magnetic viewing paper and easy to read instruction manual making HACCP compliance or on line magnetic separator analysis a “snap”.

Gaussmeter measure magnet strength
Magnetic separation of metal filings

What can magnetic separators capture?

The metal fines that can enter your products can originate from many different sources. For example, nickel plating on cast iron machinery can peel or chip, stainless steel can be sheared, abraded, cut or torn off mixer blades, kettle sides, pump parts or cutter blades. All of these can be successfully removed by Cesco Magnetics’ units placed in your production lines.

Our units have the ability to capture fine particles of iron, nickel, cobalt and stainless-steel grades 304, 316, 410, 420 and 430 work-hardened shear.

Magnetic separation efficiency is dependent on several factors including strength and gradient of the magnetic field, size and composition of the metal trash, distance between the trash and the magnet, viscosity of the product and the rate of product flow.

Cesco Magnetics for Magnetic Separation

Food Grade Rare Earth Magnetic Separators for Wet & Dry Processing Lines – No Power Required!

Hygienic Magnetic Separators

Our ‘Cesco Magnetics’ range of sanitary magnetic separators are designed for use in the hygienic manufacturing sectors to help ensure that process line product purity standards are met and maintained.


These hygienically designed rare earth magnets also protect pumps and processing equipment by trapping metal fines both upstream and downstream of critical process-line components.


Cesco Magnetics offers the world’s most complete line of off-the-shelf and custom designed and fabricated magnetic separators with most manufactured to sanitary specifications.


As the industry leader in unit sales for sanitary grade, stainless steel magnetic separators for the beverage, bulk solids, cosmetics, dairy, food and pharmaceutical industries, Cesco Magnetics is the number one choice for World Class sanitary magnetic filters.


With magnetic solutions available in an unlimited range of configurations, the Cesco Magnetics range represents an efficient and cost effective way to ensure product purity and protect your equipment from damage.

Hygienic magnetic separation