Featured Manufacturers

Cesco Magnetics

Sanitary rare earth magnetic traps, grates, ducts, bullets and bespoke equipment for wet & dry media.

Egli AG

Butter making machinery, butter churns, butter reworkers, butter block shredders, melters & more.

AB Fasa

Packaging , filling & wrapping machinery for dairy products e.g. butter, margarine, yoghurt, ice-cream.


Industrial and food grade diaphragm pumps. pulsation dampeners, peristaltic pumps, & more.

Jump Pump

Eccentric Disc pumps, Rotary Vane pumps, Peristaltic pumps, Vacuum pumps, Drum pumps & more.

Kuhlmann Electro-heat

Specialist in design & production of drum heaters, container heaters and industrial heating blankets.

Kecol Pumps

Hygienic pumps for the transfer of viscous food and pastes from drums, IBCs & other vessels.


Flexible impeller pumps and liquid ring vacuum pumps for industrial and hygienic applications.

Nova Rotors

Industrial and hygienic progressive cavity pumps  with hopper & screw feeder options.


Twin Screw pumps, Drum Unloading pumps, Inline Mixers and more.

Someflu Pumps

Plastic centrifugal pumps that are extremely resistant to corrosion and abrasion.

Standard Pump

Drum pumps for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other hygienic applications.


Self-priming centrifugal pumps for suction-lift duties and challenging industrial applications.

Wright Flow Technologies

Rotary lobe pumps, circumferential piston pumps and centrifugal pumps.

Zuwa Zumpe

Flexible impeller pumps constructed from Aluminium, Stainless-Steel and PTFE.