Pump Screw Feeders for Solids

Pump solids & non-flowing high viscosity material with a pump screw feeder

Butter pump
Food production

Are you investing too much time in manual handling and the preparation of solid or high viscosity ingredients?

Food production worker

Could your workforce be at risk of fatigue or even injury when lifting, moving & portioning heavy blocks & bulk products?

Food waste

How many of your mixed batches are wasted because of lumps or corners that were missed by the mixer or melter?

Butter block in mixer

Do your mixers take a beating every day as heavy blocks of fat or lumps of paste are dropped or thrown in?

Pump Solids

Working with awkward products consumes lots of precious production time. Shifting heavy blocks and bulk materials is so labour intensive plus there is typically the additional time to slice, reduce, weigh or mix that can make production a real drag.

There is a way to resolve these bulk handling headaches! Why not simply pump these heavy, viscous, solid products with a BestPump ‘BlockBuster’ pump and screw feeder? You could pump and batch and even portion your unpumpable products while reducing health & safety risks, eradicating inconsistent mixes and generally removing many product handling headaches.

The ‘BlockBuster’ pump and screw feeder systems ticks all the boxes. The machine is entirely developed and built by BestPump here in Great Britain to the highest standards and the benefits are plentiful – product consistency, easy repeatability of recipes, minimal product waste, workforce efficiency, employee safety, easy clean-ability, low maintenance, no running costs and no more broken mixers!

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Butter Pump Pump butter

What solids can we pump?

Using a screw feeder to prime a high viscosity pump enables you to pump the unpumpable!
Transfer viscous fluids, non-flowing paste or dough and even solid blocks of fat or caramel.

Pump Butter Blocks

Pump bulk butter blocks of any size  directly from the chiller – no tempering required

Pump Caramel Blocks

Watch as we pump solid blocks of caramel, each weighing around 20kg and solid at ambient temperature

Frozen Chicken Fat

10kg blocks of chicken fat at -16°C were  easily overcome with our heavy duty pump & screw feeder

Portion Butter Logs

Load butter blocks and pump out firm butter portions sliced into an unlimited array of sizes & weights

Watch us Pump the Unpumpable!

This compilation video shows how we take unpumpable materials and make them flow.  Watch from the start or jump to the part that interests you most.

0:19 – Fig Paste discs
0:51 – 12½ kg Blocks of hard shortening
0:56 – Golf ball test
1:51 – Concentrated Sticky Fruit Paste
3:02 – Concentrated fruit cubes
3:25 – Moist, flaky materials
3:47 – Bouillon (de-hydrated stock)
5:25 – 25kg butter blocks straight from the chill at 3°C
6:15 – Extruding sheets of butter
6:30 – Fat blocks extruded in 1mm strands for reduced mixing times
6:49 – Batching ingredients directly into mixers

Circumferential piston pump rectangular inlet

How do you pump high viscosity fluids & solids?

When your viscous, sticky, non-flowing semi-solid and solid products don’t flow and need help to enter the pump inlet, our food grade pump twin screw feeders enable you to pump the unpumpable.

Use the power of a twin screw pump feeder to re-work blocks, chunks or pastes and positively feed into the inlet of a suitable food grade pump (typically a positive displacement pump with a large rectangular inlet).

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Features & Benefits of Pump Screw Feeders

Modular bespoke design can be tailored to suit characteristics of the product to be pumped

Heavy duty positive displacement pump for high capacities and variable flow rates

Conveyor option to allow pre-loading of block product and discharge of large batches

Control panel for easy batching and metering directly into mixers, tanks or kettles

Bespoke extruder outlets for conditioning and forming discharged product

Fully automated to minimise manual labour

Specially engineered for repeatable and consistent results

Internal augers put the work into the product so handling is safe and removes the need for external mixers, manual chopping or heating of block product

Ultra-compact design to minimise system footprint, capital expenditure and lead times

Low table-top working height for safe loading – reduces health and safety concerns

Simplified construction so new systems can be deployed and staff trained in less than half a day

Sanitary stainless steel construction with easy strip down and cleaning procedures

Intuitive auger removal system for safe and simple cleaning

Butter pump
Pump solid caramel blocks

Typical Applications for Pump Screw Feeder

Bulk blocks of fats including butter, margarine, shortening, palm oil etc.
Bulk chocolate, fillings, inclusions & confectionery
Fondant icing
Blocks of Cheese
Peanut Butter
Fruit concentrates & pastes
Blocks of solid caramel
Slabs of frozen chicken fat
Dough & other non-flowing material
Fig & date paste
Frozen trays & slabs of meat
Industrial polymers & compounds
Formation of sheet products e.g. butter for croissant lamination
Portioning & forming of butter logs or shapes

Need to pump solids? We can help!