Screw Pumps

Positive displacement pumps, also known as Progressive or Progressing Cavity Pumps, that consist of a rotor, similar to a corkscrew, which is sealed tightly against a rubber stator. As the rotor rotates, the fixed size cavities in the rotor contain the fluid to be pumped and progress towards the pump outlet.

Cavity pumps can pump at extremely low flowrates, even to high pressure.

When to use a Progressive Cavity Pump

  • Food and drink pumping
  • Oil pumping
  • Slurry pumping
  • Sewage sludge pumping
  • Viscous chemical pumping
  • Grout pump
  • Cement pump
  • Lubricants pump
  • Oil pump
  • Marine Diesel fuel pump
  • Mining slurry pump
  • Oil refinery mud
  • Wine pump