Butter Pump and Feeder System

Fully Automated Conveyor, Pump Feeder and Heavy Duty Pump System

BestPump designed, supplied and installed an automated butter handling system for Fox's Biscuits of Batley, part of Northern Food Group plc.

The project allows 25kg butter blocks to be loaded onto a conveyor up to thirteen at a time (325kg). From the conveyor, the blocks are loaded into a chute feeding the auger chamber of the butter handling machine and then fed into a heavy duty positive displacement pump that supplies butter on tap to several mixer outlets. When loaded, the chute and auger chamber accept a further four butter blocks giving a fully loaded capacity of seventeen blocks (425kg).

This automated butter supply system virtually eliminates the intense manual labour previously required in butter handling within the factory, freeing up staff for more important tasks and increasing efficiency, productivity and safety in the workplace.

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The 'BlockBuster' system used to convert and transfer cold 25kg butter blocks is designed and constructed by BestPump.

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