Case Studies

We've helped countless food, drink and pharmaceutical manufacturers over the years and below are just a few case studies. Read on to learn how BestPump has solved various pump and processing problems for our customers.

Icing pump

Pump for thick, viscous cake icing

Having secured contracts from leading supermarkets for their innovative cake icing product, our client came to BestPump when they needed to solve an extremely urgent and very sticky problem.

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Butter pump

Butter pump, pump feeder and extruder

We provided an automated butter supply system that eliminated the intense manual labour normally needed to prepare and deliver butter ready for mixing in various recipes. Our client, a leading biscuit and cookie manufacturer, experienced a sharp increase in productivity.

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Sauce and Mustard pump

Pump for sauce and mustard

BestPump client uses Wright circumferential piston positive displacement pumps to transfer various hot and cold sauces from a batch sauce making facility to filling lines for product bottling.

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Butter Pump and Feeder

Pump and pump feeder solution for organic butter shortbread

When our client landed a huge contract for producing organic butter shortbread from a highly respected food retailer, they turned to us to provide a high capacity butter pump and pump feeder system for round-the-clock manufacturing.

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Magnetic separator for baby milk

Magnetic separators for baby milk manufacture

Irish baby milk formula manufacturing plant needed to protect their application and ensure that any fragments of metal were trapped and separated from the final product.

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Pumps for Your Industry

Although the sanitary industries are a key part of our business, in recent years, as our customer base has increased and requirements diversified, we have increased our product portfolio to include a wider range of pumps and processing solutions.

Our product range now spans many industries and we supply pumps and related solutions to customers in a diverse range of industrial sectors. We can supply simple water pumps right up to sophisticated automated pump process lines - we can pump anything from water to chilled butter blocks!

As well as pumps, our solutions also include Magnetic Separators, Industrial Microwaves, Automated Extrusion Systems, Custom Engineered Systems and more. Our customers' needs have really helped shape us into a single source supplier for pumps and process solutions for every industry.

Pumps for Food & Beverage

Food and beverage production makes up the majority of our business and we pride ourselves on the extremely high standard of sanitary pumps and related machinery that we supply.

Working with the biggest names in the business means that we need to consistently meet and exceed sanitary standards and our hygienic products are constructed from quality materials and certified to 3A, EHEDG and other recognised certifications.

  • Hygienic Drum Emptying Pumps
  • Process and Pump Viscous Fluids & Bulk Solids
  • Careful Handling of Particulates
  • Highest Standards of Cleanliness 3A, EHEDG etc.

Pumps for Chemicals

The vast range of chemical pumps available from BestPump, coupled with our experience and strong relationships with pump manufacturers, make us the ideal single source supplier for your organisation.

Within our range we have pumps for many chemical applications including:

  • Safe transfer of materials from drums, barrels, IBCs and other vessels
  • Pump caustic solution for Clean-In-Place (CIP) applications
  • Pump corrosive liquids with entrained solids
  • Pump liquids with entrained gases
  • Hydrochloric acid distillation
  • Lifting and transfer of chemicals, effluent etc.

Pumps for Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical & Bio-Technology

When sanitary standards cannot be compromised, trust BestPump to provide the pumps and equipment required. We supply several pharmaceutical, biotech and cosmetics laboratories around the world with the pumps required to produce the household name products and medical supplies millions of people use every day worldwide.

  • Certified Sanitary Stainless Steel Pumps
  • Magnetic Separators for Product Purity
  • Micro-Pumps for Metering and Dosing Accuracy
  • Highest Standards of Cleanliness 3A, EHEDG etc.

Industrial Pumps

From high capacity water applications to heavy duty paper pulp duties to abrasive concrete pumping to paint and ink manufacture, we have access to a wide range of industrial pumps from world-leading manufacturers.

Fluids & materials we can pump

  • A
    • Acetic Acid, Acids, Alcohol, Aluminium Hydroxide, Ammonia
  • B
    • Baby Milk, Batter, Beer, Biscuit Creams, Butter
  • C
    • Caustic, CIP, Cook-in Sauce, Collagen, Cosmetics, Cream, Crumpet Mix, Custard, Curds
  • D
    • Dairy products, Dirty water
  • E
    • Egg products, Emulsions
  • F
    • Fondant, Fruit products, Fudge
  • G
    • Gel, Glucose, Glue, Glycerine, Gum
  • H
    • Honey, Hydrochloric Acid
  • I
    • Ice Cream, Icing, Ink
  • J
    • Jam, Jelly, Juice
  • K
    • Kerosene
  • L
    • Lanolin
  • M
    • Malt, Mascara, Mayonnaise, Meat, Milk, Mustard
  • N
    • Nougat
  • O
    • Oil, Orange Juice
  • P
    • Pancake mix, Paper Pulp, Peanut Butter, Petroleum Jelly, Puree
  • Q
    • Quorn
  • R
    • Raspberry Jam, Rapeseed Oil, Resin
  • S
    • Silicon Grease, Sugar Mass, Syrup
  • T
    • Tomato Paste, Toothpaste
  • U
    • Unpumpable Solids
  • V
    • Vaseline, Vinegar
  • W
    • Water, Wax, Whey, Whisky, Wine, Wort
  • X
    • Xylene
  • Y
    • Yoghurt
  • Z
    • Zinc Ointment