Baby Milk Safe and Pure thanks to Cesco Magnetic Traps

Baby Food Manufacturer ensures product is free from metal contaminants

BestPump Ltd, the United Kingdom sales Distributor for Cesco Magnetics has recently supplied a total of 13 magnetic traps manufactured by Cesco in their Texas manufacturing facility, to an Irish plant producing nutritional infant formula powder.

The Company, a global market leader in it’s field has installed in the plant two spray drying plants and all upstream processing and downstream packaging lines.

Cesco Magnetic Traps were installed in thirteen process lines as a means of isolating areas of the plant from being sources of contamination of metal particles in the formula. The mag traps will be instrumental in eliminating areas of the plant as sources of metal contamination should it ever occur.

The thirteen, model 135, Cesco Mag Traps are installed in all eleven CIP supply circuits which eliminates them immediately as sources of possible contamination. The two product process lines each have a mag trap just before the product concentrate is sent to the spray dryers. Again this eliminates the wet process area as a possible source of metal contamination.

The Company are looking at this installation carefully and will in the future consider installing further magnetic traps in other lines. They expect that the time saved in tracing any source of metal contamination will be significant due to the installing of the Cesco Magnetic Traps.

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