Pump for Sauce and Mustard

A prominent food producer in Glasgow has taken delivery of three model 0300 Wright Pumps supplied by BestPump. The three 1½" circumferential piston type, positive displacement pumps, are each coupled to 3.0 kW geared motor drives and will be used to transfer various hot and cold sauces from the Company’s batch sauce making facility to filling lines where the product is bottled.

This BestPump customer relies on Wright Pumps to handle everything from tomato and brown sauce, cook-in sauces with particulates, to English, French, and whole grain mustards.

The Company began using Wright Pumps early in 2003 and as requirements dictated and expansion of the business developed, they added to their Wright Pump numbers and now the operation encompasses a total of twelve pump sets.

The company’s chief engineer is delighted with the performance of his Wright Pumps and the added benefits he enjoys from the special circumferential rotor and other design features inherent in the Wright Pump design.

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The pumps used to transfer these sauces and mustards are Wright Pump TRA10 models.

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Wright Pump CPP Pump