Pump for thick, viscous cake icing

Cake icing pump increases manufacturer output

BestPump was called into a local icing manufacturer's production plant with the task of emptying 350kg batches of icing from a mixing tank and feeding the extremely viscous product into an automated filling machine.

The icing was extremely sensitive so heating was not an option and we faced two major problems:

Viscosity- The viscosity of the product was such that gravity alone was not sufficient to feed the product down towards the outlet of the tank. The suction on the pump inlet would have to be controlled so that cavitation would be kept to a minimum as air in the product would have a disastrous effect on the filling line.

Suction- The suction capability of the customer's pump was not powerful enough to extract the icing from the tank. The fact that the tank had a side outlet also worked against us.

Our solution was to deploy a Wright Pump Model 030 TRA10. This 1.5” positive displacement pump attached to a motor controlled with an inverter provided the suction capability and control to carry out this duty. Our Technical Manager was on site all day to ensure the trial installation would go smoothly.

A few careful calculations on the acceleration and deceleration were required to empty the product from the mixing tank, while keeping the risk of cavitation to a minimum. We used three inch clear hose to aid monitoring of the progress of the product and to keep an eye on the flow of the product going into the Wright Pump.

After an exciting few minutes the first bucket of product was full! The Wright Pump had easily transferred the extremely sticky icing the required 3 metres distance from the mixer to the filling machine.

Within 48 hours of contacting BestPump, our customer had the solution to their sticky situation. They were able to meet their customer’s deadline and we managed to provide a cost effective solution tailored to their requirements.

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The pump used to transfer this extremely thick icing was a Wright Pump TRA10 Model 0300. The partial vacuum at the suction port meant that the pump sucked the icing out of a mixing device and transferred it successfully to the filling machine.

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