Waukesha Pumps Repairs

Waukesha Pumps Repairs

Wright and Waukesha Pump Parts

Waukesha pumps repairs can be handled expertly, rapidly and regularly by BestPump’s experienced circumferential piston pump engineers.

For users of Waukesha pumps with either the Universal I (U1) series or Universal II (U2), series of pumps, we offer a speedy collect, report, repair and return service.

With our UK spare parts stock of genuine Wright Flow Technologies interchangeable pumps & parts, we can repair and replace all models of Waukesha Universal series pumps to factory standard with same or improved quality and tolerances.

Waukesha Pumps Cross Reference

Waukesha PumpThe Wright Alternative
006 Universal I (U1)0060 TRA10
015 Universal I (U1)0150 TRA10
018 Universal I (U1)0180 TRA10
030 Universal I (U1)0300 TRA10
060 Universal I (U1)0600 TRA10
130 Universal I (U1)1300 TRA10
220 Universal I (U1)2200 TRA10
Waukesha PumpThe Wright Alternative
006 Universal II (U2)0060 TRA20
015 Universal II (U2)0150 TRA20
018 Universal II (U2)0180 TRA20
030 Universal II (U2)0300 TRA20
060 Universal II (U2)0600 TRA20
130 Universal II (U2)1300 TRA20
220 Universal II (U2)2200 TRA20

Good to know

Waukesha® & Waukesha Cherry-Burrell® pumps are registered Trademarks of SPX FLOW Inc..

BestPump Ltd has no affiliation to these brands and any name, model, part number, brand, image or referral is for descriptive purposes only.

BestPump Ltd is an official Distributor of Wright Flow Technologies Ltd. UK and Wright Flow Technologies Inc. USA – the manufacturers of the TRA10, TRA20 & Revolution pumps.

Our business was built upon our decades-long, intimate & expert knowledge of the Waukesha Cherry-Burrell® Universal I & II Series pump products.