Waukesha Pumps

Waukesha Pumps

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Waukesha Pumps have been used in hygienic and industrial production plants across the world since the 1950s.

These circumferential piston pumps, manufactured by the Waukesha Cherry Burrell® company (the brand is currently owned by SPX), have changed little over the decades. With worldwide domination in the rotary piston pump market, these were great pumps then and they are great pumps now so it seemed that there was little need to ever improve them.

With an hygienic design and solid construction, this pump range led the way for performance and reliability and even today, it is unusual to find a manufacturing plant anywhere in the world where there is not at least one Waukesha Universal I or II pump in use.

We know Waukesha Pumps

Waukesha Pumps

Interchangeable circumferential piston pump

We are big fans of these circumferential piston pumps even though we are effectively ‘the competition’. BestPump actually came into existence partly because of our founder’s knowledge and admiration for these pumps which he gained from prior employment with the UK distributor!

As you may have read on our ‘about us‘ page, BestPump’s founder, John Best, was employed as a Waukesha Pumps sales representative in the UK. Following his redundancy, John was approached by former Waukesha employees in the USA who had started a new pump parts business and, soon after, John began supplying these new pump spare parts and eventually, a new and improved range of drop-in alternative pumps in the UK. These new pumps and parts offered 100% interchangeability with the Waukesha Universal I & II pump series with important engineering upgrades as standard.

With BestPump’s intimate knowledge and years of experience working with these pumps, we expertly repair, rebuild and even supply refurbished Universal I & II pumps. When pumps are worn and beyond viable repair, we can replace them with our own ranges of drop-in interchangeable pumps.

The right alternative for Waukesha Pumps users

Waukesha pumps and spares

The alternative pumps and parts we supply are manufactured in the USA and are very interesting as they offer key engineering advantages, same or better tolerances than originals and, perhaps most importantly, they give existing users the freedom to shop around and the opportunity to experience realistic pricing and service without compromising on quality.

BestPump is not an official Waukesha Pumps agent nor distributor (but we can probably still help you)

It’s worth pointing out that Waukesha® and Waukesha Cherry-Burrell® pumps are both registered trademarks of SPX. While BestPump Ltd does supply select SPX brands from the SPX Flow product range, we are not an official agent for Waukesha Cherry Burrell® products and we have no affiliation to this particular SPX brand nor its products.

If you are a user of Universal 1 or Universal 2 pumps, it’s in your interests to talk to BestPump as we can guide you on servicing existing pumps, supplying genuine Wright Pump spare parts and drop-in interchangeable pumps. We may also have some Waukesha Pumps in stock that we have rebuilt for second user sale.

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