Wright Flow Technologies Revolution Circumferential Piston Pump with Electric Limpet Heater

Wright Flow Technologies Revolution Circumferential Piston Pump with Electric Limpet Heater

Wright Flow Technologies Revolution pump with limpet heating jacket

This Circumferential Piston Pump from the Wright Flow Technologies’ Revolution series is fitted with a ‘Limpet’ electrical heating element and will soon be installed alongside similar pumps on-site.

Our Pharmaceutical client chose to break from the standard bolt-on water jacketed heating options for the front cover and/or rotor case and preferred to heat the pump rotor case electrically with a ‘Limpet’ attached to the pump front cover.

This particular client switched from Waukesha® Pumps many years ago and has been reaping the many hygiene, performance & ease-of-maintenance benefits that the Wright Flow Technologies Revolution Circumferential Piston Pump series offers over the legacy Waukesha® Universal Pumps range.

Circumferential Piston Pump Specification

Wright Flow Technologies Revolution R0180P constructed from 316L stainless-steel
1½-inch Triclamp Connections
Standard clearance 808 Alloy Rotors (the metal that slides)
Double Mechanical Seal in Silicone Carbide / Silicone Carbide / Carbon (outer)
FKM (Viton) FDA USP CL6 O-rings
Powder coated gearbox
EHEDG Certified
Pump mounted on 304 stainless-steel base-plate with coupling, stainless steel guard and adjustable feet powered by Nord Foot Mounted Geared Motor 400V/3ph/50Hz
Motor mounted inverter drive with speed control and 420mA
Aluminium non-painted motor

As the pump will be used for vital pharma production, we supplied JCERT material certificates for the metallics, seal faces and elastomers (O-rings).

Limpet Electrical Heating

The Limpet electrical heating system from our friends at The Limpet Heating Company Ltd is a programmable electrical heater that provides adjustable temperature range up to 80°C and has the below specification:

IP67 flexible conduit for power in.
Voltage: 110Vac or 230Vac.
Power rating: up to 120W.
Temperature range: 0°C to 80°C.
Ambient: -30°C to +50°C

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