Wright Flow Technologies

Wright Flow Technologies, part of IDEX Corporation, is the leading manufacturer of high quality Positive Displacement pumps offering Rotary Lobe and Circumferential Piston technologies. The Wright Flow Technologies portfolio provides solutions to applications in the Beverage, Bio-Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Industrial, Dairy, Food, Personal Care, and Pharmaceutical industries.

Wright Flow Technologies emerge from the union of two long-established brands: Johnson Pump (UK) and Wright Pump (USA). Wright Flow Technologies has an extensive installed base with most multinational corporations and posses an established track record of innovations like the maintenance free gearboxes, front replaceable seals– for minimum downtime, no dead zone/leg products, and constant redefinition of industry standards as with the Concept SQ, Sterilobe and now the new Revolution™ pump.

Revolution Pump

The Revolution is the evolution of the decades-old Circumferential Piston pump pioneered in Waukesha, USA in the 1950s and still in production today. Wright Flow Technologies (formerly Wright Pump) has built upon the proven legacy design and the result is a drop-in, 21st century Circumferential Piston pump with ground-breaking hygiene and efficiency improvements. This pump technology from Wright Flow Technologies also merges the benefits of Rotary Lobe & Circumferential Piston pump technologies into a single platform.

  • Revolution - EHEDG & 3-A Rotary Lobe / Circumferential Piston Pump

Johnson Pump Range

The UK-based arm of Wright Flow Technologies (formerly Johnson Pump) manufactures the below range of hygienic Rotary Lobe and Circumferential Piston Pumps:

  • AccuLobe - Accurate, low flow pump with easy maintenance (3-A, EHEDG)
  • Classic+ - Versatile, easily maintained hygienic lobe pump (3-A)
  • Concept SQ - Pump for critical hygiene applications (3-A, EHEDG)
  • Revolution - Clean in Place Hybrid Circumferential Piston & Lobe Pump (3-A, EHEDG)
  • SteriLobe - Gentle, low-shear pump with in-line cleanability (3-A, EHEDG)

Wright Pump Range

The USA-based arm of Wright Flow Technologies (formerly Wright Pump) manufactures the below ranges of Circumferential Piston Pumps:

  • TRA10 - 3-A Hygienic Circumferential Piston Pump
  • TRA20 - 3-A Hygienic 'clean in place' (CIP) Circumferential Piston Pump
  • Revolution - The ultimate replacement for the TRA10/TRA20 legacy models (3-A, EHEDG)