Wright Pump

Wright Pump Circumferential Piston Pumps and Centrifugal Pumps

Wright Pump was formed in 1996 by a group of senior employees formerly of another Circumferential Piston Pump manufacturer. The company now operates within the Wrightflow Technologies group of the IDEX Corporation.

Wright Pump (Wright Flow Technologies) is a world-class single source for high-purity fluid handling hygienic applications and BestPump is proud to be a leading Wright Pump distributor. The Wright Pump portfolio includes the TRA10 & TRA20 Circumferential Piston pumps and the TRA400 & TRA500 hygienic Centrifugal pumps.

Waukesha Pump Compatible

Pump Spares and Drop-in Replacement Pumps for Waukesha Pumps

The Wright Pump organisation started out as a manufacturer of high quality drop-in replacement pump parts that met or exceeded original equipment specifications for the Waukesha Universal I and II series pumps.

The success of the pump parts business logically led onto Wright Pump manufacturing the circumferential piston pumps too - the TRA10 and TRA20 series. These pumps are drop-in replacements - functionally and dimensionally interchangeable - for the Waukesha Universal I and II series pumps.

The Wright Pump models provide customers with high quality, higher specification pumps at lower costs compared with their Waukesha Pump equivalents.