Wright Pump TRA20

Wright Pump TRA20 Circumferential Piston Pumps

Wright Pump TRA20 Circumferential Piston Pump

The reliability of Wright Pump’s positive displacement circumferential piston pumping principle has been proven over many decades. Its robust design and easy cleanability make it applicable for all sanitary fluids. The TRA20 is designed for high hygiene, CIP applications.

The TRA20 uses O-ring sealed rotors and rotor retainers and offers an optional 'Clean In Place' (CIP) design with internal porting to allow vigorous flushing through all internal chambers.

Wright Pumps’ gentle action on shear-sensitive liquids, or slurries with soft solids, makes them the preferred technology for all areas of food processing, beverage and cosmetic manufacturing, worldwide.

The 'Wright' Alternative to Waukesha

Waukesha Pump Compatible

The Wright Pump TRA20 series of rotary circumferential piston pumps are dimensionally identical, drop-in replacements for the Waukesha Pump Universal II (2) series but offer many advantages as standard.

Wright Pumps offer a higher design specification than Waukesha Pumps - find out more.

Operating Parameters

Capacity: up to 310 GPM / 70 m³/hr
Pressure: up to 500 PSI / 34 Bar
Viscosity: up to 910,000 SSU (200,000 cSt)
Temperature: -40° to 300° F (-40° to 150° C)

Wright TRA20 Features

  • Time tested and proven circumferential piston design.
  • Exceptional engineering and manufacturing quality.
  • Parts are interchangeable with Waukesha Universal II series pump parts.
  • Wright TRA20 pumps are drop-in replacements for equivalent sized Waukesha Universal II pumps.
  • Your old Wright Pump TRA20 series or Waukesha Universal II series pumps can be remanufactured up to four times.

Choosing between TRA20 and TRA10 series Pumps

  • The TRA20 series allows optional Clean-In-Place design - CIP can reduce cleaning time and labour between batches.
  • Most TRA20 models offer higher pressure capabilities than their equivalent TRA10 model - all of which are rated to 14 Bar, except the model TRA10 0450, which is rated to 27 Bar.

TRA20 Construction

  • Casing: 316 Stainless Steel, interior finished to 3A standards.
  • Rotors: “Wright 808” non-galling, nickle-based alloy. Wright manufactures the material in its own foundry for maximum quality control.
  • Shafts: One-piece, 316L Stainless Steel shafts standard on sizes 0060, 0150 & 0180. 17-4 PH High-Strength Steel on sizes 0300, 0450, 0600, 1300, 1800, 2100 & 2200.
  • Bearing Retainers: Stainless Steel.
  • Gearcase: Powder-coated iron gearcase standard (FDA white, RAL 9003).
  • Seals: Single mechanical seal with Silicon Carbide / Silicon Carbide faces standard. Double mechanical seal optional.
  • Timing Gears: Helical gear design to minimize operating noise.
  • Cleaning Options: Strip-Clean design standard. Clean-In-Place design optional, including selfdraining rotorcase (in vertical orientation) with cover O-ring exposed to cleaning fluid, and hubs and rotors ported to ensure thorough flushing action.

Typical Applications for TRA20

  • Dairy: milk, cream, curds, butter, soft cheese, yogurt, butter, margarine, ice cream
  • Bakery: yeast, dough, fruit filling, icing, fats and oils
  • Meats: sausage filling, fats, broths, gelatins, pet food
  • Canned Foods: potato salad, baby food, soups, stews, tomatoes, relishes, pudding, dressings, mayonnaise, jams and jellies
  • Beverages: beer, mash, wort, fruit juices, fruit concentrate
  • Sweets & Candy: sugars, chocolate, cocoa butter, corn syrup, gelatin
  • Flavourings: syrups and concentrates
  • Dressings: Mayonnaise and other prepared sauces
  • Cosmetics: creams, lotions, jellies, shampoos, emulsions, toothpaste
  • Industrial: automotive paints, inks, latex, polymers

Shaft sealing options

Single Mechanical Seals

  • Standard Seal Faces: SiC/SiC
  • Standard O-rings and Cover Seals: Buna
  • Optional Faces: Carbon, Ceramic or Chrome Oxide
  • Optional O-rings and Cover Seals: FKM, EPDM, Silicone

Double Mechanical Seals with Flush

  • Standard Seal Faces: SiC/SiC
  • Standard O-rings and Cover Seals: Buna
  • Optional Faces: Carbon, Ceramic or Chrome Oxide
  • Optional O-rings and Cover Seals:FKM, EPDM, Silicone


» Download PDF brochure (opens in new browser window)

Still using Waukesha Universal 2 pumps? Find out why Wright Pump TRA20 is the right alternative » Download Better Value PDF brochure (opens in new window)

Are you a Waukesha Universal (U2) Pump user?

Look at the benefits of upgrading to the Wright Pump TRA20 series (they're dimensionally identical so there's no need for pipework changes)

  • Stronger shafts
  • Solid front cover
  • Helical timing gears
  • Powder coated Iron surfaces
  • Silicon Carbide Seal Faces
  • There are many more enhancements - read the full list (pdf)

Bottom line...

Wright Pumps come standard with important features that are either not available from Waukesha or that must be ordered as extra cost options.