Wright and Waukesha Pump Spares

Wright / Waukesha Pump Spares Waukesha Pump Compatible

Wright Pump’s TRA10 and TRA20 series sanitary PD pumps are “drop-in” replacements for Waukesha Universal I and II series pumps on a model-to-model basis, with all exterior dimensions the same, port-to-port, allowing easy replacement without piping or baseplate changes.

The Wright Pump pumps and parts we offer are identical in size to their Waukesha Pump counterparts so components from one pump range can be fitted to its opposite number in the other range and vice versa. All pumps and parts are completely interchangeable.

Wright Pump Parts Benefit Waukesha Pumps

Wright Pump TRA10 Circumferential Piston Pumps

Wright Pump TRA10 Circumferential Piston Pump

It is important to note that Wright Pump parts offer standard features and benefits either not available from Waukesha or only available at extra cost. Similarly, Wright Pump offers complete part-for-part interchangeability, guaranteed to interchange with tolerances as tight or tighter than the original parts. This means you can enjoy many of the benefits of Wright Pumps by upgrading to your Waukesha Pumps with Wright Pump replacement parts.

Many Wright Pump components however are manufactured with unique integral features which are beneficial and advantageous to the pump user. Wright Pump's innovative design and high quality manufacture represent the highest quality process pumps and pump parts at extremely competitive price levels.

Your old Waukesha Pumps can even be remanufactured and upgraded to Wright Pump standards - making them like new and with warranty.

Wright Pump Seal Kits - Waukesha Pump Compatible

BestPump offer 'off the shelf' seal kits which feature all the parts required to service your Wright / Waukesha Pump. These seal kits come in a single, convenient box with instructions.