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FASA dairy packaging machines

Dairy Packaging Equipment

FASA AB manufactures processing, filling and packaging equipment for dairy products.

In operation since 1959, FASA has massive experience in the dairy packaging sector and is a recognised name in the dairy industry worldwide.

Always adapting, FASA improves and changes by listening to the needs and the feedback received from their customers every day.

FASA is proud of the fact that 99 % of their products are exported. Supplying dairy packaging machines to clients in more than 85 countries and on 6 continents: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia & Australia.

FASA equipment is designed for butter, margarine, processed cheese, yogurt, curd, ice-cream sandwich type products and glazed curd cheese.

We offer reliable machines for small and medium dairy plants. We produce equipment according to the needs of each customer and we do trials in the factory. Our technical team installs and does commissioning of equipment, trains operators at customers’ facilities. We provide warranty, consult and supply spare parts. The quality of FASA products is ensured by modern machinery and tools, properly adjusted processes and qualified specialists. All our machines are fully produced at FASA factory — from metal cutting and processing to assembly.

More than 130 employees work at FASA and they have more than 30 agents working all over the world – BestPump is proud to be the UK representative.

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