Inline High Shear Mixers

The most versatile shear mixers on the market
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Inline high shear mixers

Inline shear mixers

QIM+ Inline Shear Mixers

The most versatile shear mixer pump series on the market and ideal for homogenising fluids & powders or disintegrating solids while pumping.

Designed to 3-A & EHEDG standards, these hygienic inline mixers offer simple maintenance & high efficiency.

Powder mixer pump

QDB Powder Mixers

The QDB dry blender is a modular mobile solution for mixing powders into fluids.

Featuring the QIM+ shear mixer and a stainless-steel worktable with conical hopper, the QDB is designed for safe, clean and efficient addition of powders and dries into the mix.

QVM high viscosity mixer pump

QVM Viscous Mixers

All the features and benefits of the QDB, the QVM solution takes performance to the next level with its integrated twin screw pump.

This formidable combination results in a mobile solution that can mix, recirculate and then pump high viscosity products.


Performance data

Maximum Flow Rate

Maximum Pressure

Maximum Viscosity

Maximum Temperature

Five mixer backplate designs

QIM mixer backplate large tilted slots

Large tilted slots

For disintegrating hard solids

QIM mixer backplate large slots

Large slots

For disintegrating soft solids

QIM mixer backplate small slots

Small slots

For disintegrating small solids

QIM mixer backplate large radial bores

Large Radial Bores

For mixing liquids and powders

QIM mixer backplate small radial bores

Small Radial Bores

For emulsifying different types of liquids