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Food Grade Pumps

Welcome to the home of food grade pumps. BestPump specialises in the supply of hygienic pumps & the engineering of bespoke stainless-steel process systems. We represent leading hygienic pump manufacturers and serve clients involved in the food, beverage, brewery, distillery, cosmetic & pharmaceutical sectors (among others).

Driven by our customers' needs, we work with single pump users right up to international-scale production departments to engineer, supply and service food grade pumps and pump processing systems.

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Hygienic Pump & Processing Solutions

Magnetic separators for baby milk

Baby milk formula

When a baby milk formula manufacturer needed to protect their pumps and pipework while ensuring product purity by capturing and removing any rogue fragments of metal from the final product, they chose Cesco Magnetics MagTraps from BestPump.

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Heavy duty pump for butter blocks

Butter pump

We provided an automated butter supply system that almost completely eliminates the intense manual labour normally required in delivering and preparing butter for biscuit and cookie manufacturing.

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Load Solid & Non-Flowing Products then Pump them Out

Download 'Pump the Unpumpable' product flyer.

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Drum Pump

We can pump thick and viscous non-flowing foods such as tomato paste or compounds like Petroleum Jelly directly from drums with minimal waste.

Drum Pump

Need to Pump Butter?

Think your product is 'Unpumpable'? Think again! Click the play icon above to see our 'BlockBuster' heavy duty pump system processing and pumping 25kg butter blocks...

We can pump and process high viscosity, non-flowing materials like butter blocks, butter oil, lard or similar.

High Viscosity Pump

Magnetic Separators

Magnetic separator

Protect pumps and ensure product purity with stainless steel magnetic separators.

Available in an unlimited number of configurations for wet or dry products, these Rare Earth magnetic separators remove metal items and fine metal particles including 304 and 316 stainless steel shear as small as 0.0001 inches.

Magnetic separators

Pumps Flyer

Download and print our latest product flyer so you can quickly find the food grade pumps you need for your next application.

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Fluimac diaphragm pumps

The first true CIP (Clean in Place) Hybrid Circumferential Piston & Lobe Pump

Pump Engineering

We can provide an all-encompassing service including design, build and delivery of bespoke pumpsets with motors, base plates, trolleys, stainless steel hoppers etc. - we even take care of pipework installation. Just tell us about your application and we'll do the rest.

Pump Services

Pump Spare Parts

Pumps need regular maintenance for efficient performance and increased pump lifetime. As well as individual pump parts, we offer convenient seal service kits for many pump types including Wright Pump, Waukesha Pump, Johnson Pump and more. Contact us for all your pump spare parts requirements.

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UK Pump Repair

In the event of pump breakdown, our UK workshop can provide detailed analysis of the problem and recommend the necessary action to get your pump back up and running. We can also offer temporary or permanent replacement pumps to minimise downtime.

Pump Repair

Pumps Scotland

BestPump's main office is based in Central Scotland between Glasgow and Edinburgh and, although we operate around the UK, Europe and Rest of the World, we love to serve our local pump users across Scotland.

Scotland has a proud history of food production and leads the world in Whisky distilleries so BestPump always has the pumps and systems to support the Scottish food and drink industries.

Pumps Scotland