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Tungsten Carbide seals for Waukesha pumps

Tungsten Carbide seals for Waukesha Pumps are available from BestPump Ltd in the UK.

These mechanical seal kits are made up of  o-rings, wavesprings and the Tungsten Carbide seal faces required to service either single or double mechanical seals.

Why use Tungsten Carbide Seal Faces?

In some food manufacturing plants, it is required that mechanical seal faces are constructed from a detectable material should the seal fail during production.

One of the benefits of using Tungsten Carbide mechanical seals in your Waukesha® pumps and equivalent interchangeable pumps is the ability for a metal detector to stop production should the seal suffer a catastrophic failure and break down in some way.

Another benefit of Tungsten Carbide over the more common seal face material of Silicon Carbide is an increased flexibility and ability to handle high pressure applications.

Waukesha® Pump Compatible Seals

We supply Tungsten Carbide seals for Waukesha® Pumps and their interchangeable equivalent pumps from other manufacturers as shown in the table below.

If you have any of the below pumps, in any / all model sizes, our seal kits, pumps and parts are interchangeable with them.

Pump Ranges

Waukesha® U1 Waukesha® U2

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