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Chocolate Pumps

We’re excited to announce our latest chocolate pumps innovation.

Following years of experience in supporting clients in chocolate production, we know how tough and demanding chocolate can be on chocolate pumps.

Traditionally, cast iron gear pumps have been used in chocolate handling but the requirement for hygienic wetted parts is increasing. Stainless-steel gear pumps would be a logical next step but manufacturers have been unable to secure certification due to the intrinsic gear design elements and cleaning requirements.

We have developed an ultra-tough chocolate compound with a high melting point that forms the casing, shaft and rotor and is strong enough to be bolted to metallic flanges and pipework.

Designed in-house and capable of pumping chocolate up to 45°C, the BestPump ChocoGear is available from today – April 1st 2024.

Ideal for choc transfer, enrobing and other common confectionery duties, the ChocoGear is set to disrupt the chocolate manufacturing sector.

Using the same chocolate compound technology, we hope to soon roll out ChocoPipe – an hygienic alternative to standard water-jacketed metallic pipework.

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