Who makes Waukesha pumps?

Who makes Waukesha pumps?

How do circumferential piston pumps work?

Having been used since the 1950s in hygienic manufacturing industries like food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care as well as in some heavy duty industrial applications, the Waukesha external circumferential piston pump is a good example of a positive displacement rotary pump but who makes Waukesha pumps?

There are a few pump manufacturers that have developed ‘rotary piston’ or ‘external circumferential piston’ pumps (to give them their full name) but perhaps the most commonly seen pump brands is the Waukesha pumps’ Universal I and II (U1 & U2) models.

Interchangeable with Waukesha pumps
Circumferential Piston / Rotary Piston Pump that is interchangeable with Waukesha pumps

Who supplies drop-in, interchangeable alternative pumps?

We do!

Without compromising on quality and with same or better tolerances as the original equipment manufacturer, the interchangeable pumps and parts that we supply are sourced from reputable and quality assured manufacturers in North America.

How we can help Waukesha pumps users

  • We offer guaranteed service & repair of your pumps with 100% interchangeable, quality parts
  • We can supply the interchangeable parts and support you need to carry out your own repairs
  • We supply drop-in replacement pumps with identical footprint on a model-for-model basis
  • We provide impartial, expert advice and troubleshooting on new and existing installations

How do external circumferential piston pumps work?

Typical Applications

  • Attach to a screw feeder and pump solids that cannot be conventionally pumped
  • Transfer fragile shellfish with minimal damage
  • Suck whisky from casks
  • Pull viscous icing from mixer
  • Meter / batch / dose with repeatable displacement on each revolution

Who makes Waukesha pumps?

Waukesha® & Waukesha Cherry-Burrell® pumps are registered Trademarks of SPX FLOW Inc..

BestPump Ltd has no affiliation to these brands and any name, model, part number, brand, image or referral is for descriptive purposes only.

BestPump Ltd is a distributor of interchangeable circumferential piston pumps and their spare parts and our business is built upon our decades-long, expert knowledge of supplying and servicing these products.