Mag Drive Pumps

The 'Compass' Range from Fluimac

Mag drive centrifugal pumps in Polypropylene or PVDF – suitable for highly corrosive liquids.

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Compass Mag Drive Pumps Performance

Mag Drive pumps have a pumping chamber that is isolated from atmosphere and so are an ideal solution for containing aggressive chemicals, high purity liquids and fluids that are difficult to seal (with a mechanical seal).

These seal-less, injection moulded thermoplastic pumps (available in Polypropylene or PDVF) are designed for light duty highly corrosive fluid transfer applications.

The mag drive pump system is an innovative design that operates without mechanical seal and is powered by an electric motor and magnetic joints for maximum safety and efficiency.

Mag drive pumps

Materials of Construction

Casing: Polypropylene or PDVF
Impeller: Polypropylene or PDVF
O-Rings: EPDM or FKM (Viton)


0 to 35m³ per hour


0 to 200 centiPoise


-5°C to +90°C

Maximum Head


Maximum System Pressure

5 bar


Inlets: BSP (F) or Flange
Outlets: BSP (M) or Flange

Electric Motors

IEC Flange
0.12kW to 4kW

Features & Benefits

Magnetic Drive  | Mag Drive Pumps

  • No mechanical seal to reduce risk of leaks and lower maintenance time / costs
  • Minimal components for low price and easy maintenance
  • Synchronous magnetic coupling with rare-earth magnetic balancing for reduced wear and heat generation 
  • Closed or semi-closed impellers for pumping clean fluids without solids in suspension
  • Shaft / Bearing materials ALLUMINA + PTFEC 99,7% (standard) do not require special tools

Compass Mag Drive Centrifugal Pumps Models & Specifications

Model Inlet Outlet Max Flow Max Head
CM4 1-inch ½-inch 3.5m³ / hr 7.5m
CM6 1-inch ¾-inch 7m³ / hr 8.5m
CM10 1½-inch 1-inch 13m³ / hr 14m
CM15 2-inch 1¼-inch 23.5m³ / hr 20m
CM30 2-inch 1½-inch 35m³ / hr 24m