The Lobe Pump with a Classic Design

A best-selling hygienic rotary lobe pump that delivers high performance at realistic pricing

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Classic+ Lobe Pump Performance


0 to 189m³ per hour


0 to 12 bar


0 to 200,000 centiPoise


0 to 180°C

Port Options

Complete range of hygienic clamp, screwed threads, flanges & industrial screw connections

Sealing Options

  • Single O-ring Seal
  • Single Mechanical Seal
  • Single Mechanical Seal with Flush or Quench
  • Double Mechanical Seal with Flush
  • Gland Packing
  • Gland Packing with Lantern Ring with Flush

Features & Benefits

Easy-to-clean hygienic lobe pump

  • The Classic’s modular pump design makes the pumps easy to disassemble for cleaning out of place (COP) and / or cleaning in place (CIP)
  • Pump casing designed for maximum efficiency and self draining capability

High performance lobe pump

  • Classic+ lobe pumps have timed, non-contact rotors that mimimise shear and provide the capability to run dry
  • Helical timing gears that provide high torque and quiet operation for extended pump lifetime
  • Tapered roller bearings that allow high operating speeds and discharge pressures

Easy maintenance lobe pump

  • Removable pump foot for flexible and easy placement
  • Proven, classic rotary lobe pump design

Classic+ Lobe Pump Models & Specifications

Classic+ Model Port Size Flow m³/hr Max RPM Max Pressure BAR
CP10/0005/12 1-inch / DN25 3.9 1400 12
CP10/0008/08 1.5-inch / DN40 7 1400 8
CP10/0011/05 1.5-inch / DN40 9.3 1400 5
CP20/0020/12 1.5-inch / DN40 12.1 1000 12
CP20/0031/07 2-inch / DN50 18.8 1000 7
CP30/0069/12 2-inch / DN50 31.2 750 12
CP30/0113/07 3-inch / DN80 50.6 750 7
CP40/0180/12 3-inch / DN80 75.6 700 12
CP40/0250/07 4-inch / DN100 105 700 7
CP50/0351/12 4-inch / DN100 137 650 12
CP50/0525/08 6-inch / DN150 189 600 8

Pump Skids

When you need your pumps motorised and skid mounted, our design and fabrication capabilities are at your disposal.

From pump selection to mounting, BestPump will work with you to produce bespoke pump skids to your specifications and dimensions.

Lobe Pump Spare Parts

Source genuine spare parts and convenient pump repair / service kits from BestPump – authorised UK Viking Pump Hygienic distributor.

Call us now on +44 (0) 1236 433 799.

Lobe Pump Repairs

Entrust your lobe pump repairs to BestPump – a Viking Pump Hygienic Approved Service Centre – service and repairs for all pump types and brands.

Call us now on +44 (0) 1236 433 799.

Why is the Classic+ Lobe Pump So Successful?

The ubiquitous ‘Classic+’ or ‘CP’ lobe pump has been producing Britain’s food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for many years.

In fact, we still get requests for parts and service for its predecessor, the ‘Classic’ or ‘IC’ pump – these pumps last for ages!

9 Features of the Classic+ Lobe Pump (and how they help you)

  1. Hygienic Design:
    The pump has an hygienic design to ensure the safe handling of food products and compliance with food safety regulations. Standard features include smooth surfaces, sanitary seals, and easy disassembly for thorough cleaning and sanitation.
  2. Material Compatibility:
    The pump materials offer compatibility with the specific food products you handle in your facility. Stainless steel construction for its corrosion resistance and durability, especially when dealing with acidic or corrosive food ingredients.
  3. Gentle Product Handling:
    The Classic+ lobe pump is capable of gently handling delicate food products without causing damage or degradation. This is particularly important for products such as dairy, sauces, and purees where maintaining product integrity is critical.
  4. Efficiency and Performance:
    Proven high efficiency and excellent performance metrics, including flow rate, pressure capabilities, and energy efficiency. These lobe pumps are able to meet your production requirements while minimising downtime and energy consumption.
  5. Ease of Maintenance:
    The pumps are easy to maintain to minimise downtime and ensure optimal performance. Features such as simple disassembly, quick access to internal components, and readily available spare parts repair kits originating in the UK.
  6. Reliability and Durability:
    Reliability is paramount in food production to ensure consistent output and prevent disruptions to our operations. These lobe pumps have a proven track record of reliability and durability in food processing and hygienic applications.
  7. Compliance with Standards:
    The pump comply with relevant industry standards and regulations, such as FDA & 3-A Sanitary Standards to provide you with assurance of product safety and quality.
  8. Support and Service:
    BestPump is directly backed by the manufacturer and we strive to maintain our reputation for customer support, technical assistance and after-sales service. Prompt support and assistance are crucial for addressing any issues that may arise during operation and ensuring smooth production – trust BestPump to deliver!
  9. Cost-effectiveness:
    While upfront cost is important, you will also consider the total cost of ownership over the pump’s lifespan, including maintenance, energy consumption, and downtime costs. The Classic+ lobe pump offers long-term reliability and efficiency to provide best value in the long run.