Positive Displacement Lobe Pump

The first true clean-in-place hybrid circumferential piston and rotary lobe pump

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Myth: Hygienic lobe pumps are all the same

Hygienic pumpsThe name of this hygienic hybrid lobe and external circumferential piston pump series, ‘Revolution’, says it all.

This is literally a revolution in hygienic positive displacement pump technology which differentiates the pump from the competition.

Watch this video for a butter understanding of the benefits this pump offers.


Food Factory Production Manager

Four things production managers hate!

1. Pump Downtime
Losing capacity and failing to hit production targets because a pump has failed and needs to be stopped then disconnected and taken out of the production line to clean and service it.

2. Spare Parts Faffing
The time wasted and costs involved when having to stock different pump spare parts to suit a fleet of lobe pumps and circumferential piston pumps.

3. Mechanical Seal Failure
The expense of seal failures and costs of replacement seal kits resulting from a lack of flexible options for pump sealing arrangements.

4. Excessive Pump Costs
The avoidable increased costs of buying imported pumps manufactured outside of the UK.

Good - Better - Best

What makes 'Revolution' the best?

1. Maximum Uptime
Easy Clean & Easy Service with front loading seals and CIP compatibility, the Revolution can be cleaned and serviced while installed – no need to disconnect and remove to do work on pumps!

2. Spare Parts Simplified
The Revolution has a hybrid 2-in-1 design which means it can be either a lobe pump or a circumferential piston pump so common spare parts are suitable for both configurations.

3. Flexible Mechanical Seal Options
With multiple seal options and materials available as standard, the Revolution can be deployed with or without mechanical seals.

4. More pump for your money
Up to 15% of our competitor’s pump prices are made up of their import costs to bring their products to the UK! The Revolution does not need to be imported from USA or Europe as it is made in Eastbourne, UK.

ADDED BONUS – the Revolution has the same footprint as other manufacturer’s external circumferential piston pumps, so it can drop straight in.